The CFTG started in April 2007 with small skill center in Jiboro, this to give the women and young girls the change to learn some skills like, sewing, tie and dye, making of local soap, this all to improve their income. Because of the interest the CFTG decided to build a bigger center.
With this skill center the CFTG will be able to give more changes to the target groups.
Also boys who are not going to school anymore because their parents cannot effort the school fees, or they don’t have the capacity to go the senior secondary schools, can learn skills like carpentry. This will give them the change to start their own business so they will be able to take of their parents and their own family.
But especially for young girls who are not going to school anymore is it very important to learn a skill so that they can take care of themselves.
A computer class will give the students the basic knowledge this will give them more changes to find a job.
Illiterate people can learn how to read and write what also will give them more opportunities.
The computer room will be used/ rented also as conference room or place were the locals can watch TV or movies.
The products which are made in the skill center will be sold so what means that the skill centre will have some income to pay the salaries of the teachers and to buy new materials.
The social situation of the skill center is also that it is a community place, elder women of the village are talking to the young ones about all kind of things like family planning, HIV/AIDS etc.