Because there was no health care facility in the area of Jiboro, people had to go to Brikama, on 35 kilometres distance. Keeping in mind the great transport-problems this was an unacceptable situation. During daytime there is a very irregular means of transport and during the night there is none at all, because nobody likes to drive during the night in these surroundings. It is easy to understand that the locals do not have any means of transport whatsoever.
In case of severe illness , think of children with malaria, and women in labour, this was a very serious situation. There were no medicines , no dressings , no first –aid-post. There were no means of communication , like telephone, in case of emergencies, to ask for assistance at the Brikama health centre.

Because the founders of the Care Foundation The Gambia believe that a good health care is every bodies human right . Whether you are born in Europe or Africa that should not make any difference.
To improve the serious situation in Jiboro the St. CFTG started in 2002 with a small health care centre. In the health centre was an observation room but no possibility of admission, people were referred to either Brikama or Banjul. Supervision for pregnancy and deliveries were carried out by a midwife. which one also was taking care of poly-clinic treatments, like taking care of malaria. Because since the opening the amount of patients was increasing the CFTG decided to build a bigger centre, opening was in 2008. The Narang Health Centre consist three admission wards, each with 7 beds and their own toilet and shower, a pharmacy, a dressing room, a consultation room and a separate part of the building is for deliveries and maternity.
There is also attention to youth –care, family planning and the HIV /AIDS programme is started with the support of Hands on Care.
A dental clinic is setting up to improve the dental health care. The complete equipment is donated by a dentist from Holland and the treatments are done by a Gambian dentist.
A solar equipment is installed what means that 24 hours running water and light.

The present staff consist of
1. 2 midwife
2. 2 nurses
3. 1 TBA ( Traditional Birth Attend )
4. 2 junior nurse
5. 1 pharmacist/ administrator
6. 4 cleaners/ laundry
7. 4 watch men / gardners

To improve the knowledge and qualifications of the staff. Two nurses are doing now the midwife course.
All this makes it possible for the people of Jiboro and neighbouring villages, even from Senegal, to have their medical problems checked out and treated.

The Narang Health Centre project has been setting up with the consent of the Ministry of Health.
The Care Foundation The Gambia has a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the Ministry.