The Gouvernement / Ministery of Education of The Gambia have not been setting up (yet) schools for Disabled Children and that is why the Care Foundation The Gambia has been setting up this school.
The School for Disabled Children is a new school in Jiboro,The Gambia, that provides the needed Special Education.
In The Gambia there are many deaf children. Why there are so many deaf children in The Gambia is not easy to answer. Of course Malaria will take its toll but also meningitis, wrong use of medicine and heredity are causes. When these children, and there are hundreds, will not get any education, they will have a tough time surviving, because The Gambia is one of the poorest countries in the world.
In the vicinity of Jiboro are many little villages that have children who have no education at all because of their disability. They cannot (yet) be helped because the school where they should go to, is situated in Serekunda which is too far away for them go to.
The new school will educate them and give them more opportunities to find work and to express themselves in the land of the hearing.
They require special teachers who have special skills in order to be able to communicate with deaf children.
These children have never had the opportunity to listen and obey their parents, so they need to be taught to obey. The teacher also had a special training to deal with these children.
​It will not be easy, but it is a challenge. A challenge that we take with 2 hands because we want to give these children a future. It is no guarantee that they will find a job or earn money in the future but their chances are so much bigger when they follow this education..

The school is official opend in March 2017 and 15 children are now coming to school but more children are on our list and we need more sponsor parents so that those children will have also the opportunity to have education.What means that we need more special teachers. Because the CFTG is the owner of the school we have to pay the salaris fo all the teachers, cleaners and caretakers.
In order to let Disabled Children go to school we need funds. Unfortunately the foundation is in constant need of money to make the projects that we do to a success. We depend on the goodness of people who have a big heart for the Gambian children to give them a chance of a better life.
Without education their chance of having a better life than that they have now, is very slim.